We are the Wanderlust Moon Duo / 

It began with words. With sharing. With simply listening. We found each other, thus finding ourselves ever more deeply. 

We're Nik and Lindsey. We spent the summer of 2019 working for and falling in love while on the road with The Rolling Stones, in the merchandise and dressing room departments, respectively. Combined, we have nearly 30 years of touring experience, booking flights, hotels, transport, planning adventures, with an overarching highlight of caring for bands and crew.


At the moment, the current political climate in America is daunting. We have come to see an unfortunate trend that sees our society moving more away from humanity and towards hostility. North Americans seem to be operating from a position of fear of other, rather than one of acceptance, of what all people living in The States have to offer.

What will we do with this one wild and precious life, Mary Oliver? We will travel. We will love. We will listen. Smile. Our main currency will be compassion. Our method of interacting from which we will stand and let guide us. 

Holding our hearts. Dancing on the moon.

Our mission with travel is simple. We hope to inspire others that no matter where they are, there is something to be learned from the unknown around you. People to be appreciated. And acceptance to be had. We believe there is no better way to grow than traveling. What can be learned from observing another culture first-hand, is priceless. 

Wanderlust: A strong desire to travel.

Moon duo: Two people who have come together over a strong desire to live. To live and love fully. To live with joy. And to commit to not allowing themselves to come down from that place in the sky from which they find their inspiration.


I am Nik, A roamer and wanderer, an old soul looking for adventure! Peace signs up, travel, and spread love. 


Lindsey. My mind is usually somewhere in La La Land...a place I insist actually exists. A place where dreams live, people are kind, and everyone gets to enjoy food with one another.