Women to be Seen...

Women...the nurturers of life. The notorious givers to others and receivers of a bit less. Never to be quantified yet always felt and painfully understood. A longing deep inside for more; knowing more will have to be created and held for self. Rarely given to without asking; a bargaining of morals versus society. Versus a culture of misguided and deeply hurtful doings.


Honor yourself dear woman. Notice the way your body flows to the music of life all around you. Hold your heart with utter care and reverence. Serve yourself with grace and not a moment's guilt. Lift your face towards the shining sun, allowing her energy to warm the entirety of your being. Listen to whatever is calling you. The birds will carry it in their song. Turn there and breathe. Breathe so fully that your shoulders rise and the racing in your chest calms for even a moment. With every breath, knowing you are doing enough. You are enough of everything; a lack of nothing. Wrap your arms around your being, release, and soar dear woman. Oh the beauty you have inside you is magic. Dear woman… you are magic.


On this International Women’s Day, I see women. Seen beyond a body that houses lust or life. A soul with deep knowledge and strength; so thick with wonder and soaked with love.

A powerful and mighty brain that creates and solves and flourishes and dreams.


Far are we from a space of women being valued by the collective. A space of dreams where all women learn the value of themselves far beyond how society so dangerously tries to inhibit growth.

Grow dear woman. Flourish to become the full iteration of that seed lying in your chest. Allow your knowing, your deep instinctual ways of understanding the Earth come to fruition. Throw your smile to the sun. Let the energy of the moon guide your flow. Take up space and water yourself with courage and love and breath. Grow dear woman so that all little seeds around you feel your beauty and thus grow with beauty around you.


To you, women of the world, I see you. And oh how beautiful you are. Grow!

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