“White” Jamaica, Poor Jamaica.


Defeated, sad, sad roads, sad dogs.

Money over everything.

Cruise ship and terminal for white tourists to say they have been to Jamaica, paved with brick and history, history of a white savior.

A group of people singing of a “white” jesus who saved them.

Streets that are barely maintained just outside the pristine white people gates.

Gates symbolizing unsafe areas, gates of un comfortability.

Gates closed when the white people leave.

People left to beg and plead and steal in their business to make enough to live.

Left to themselves to make it.

Everything about money. No power in this money. Survival in this money. No freedom in this money.

An older gentleman telling us the money comes to the cruise terminal but is withheld from the people. "We do not see any of the money, look around, where is it?"

How do we fix such a broken world, such a world where these massive divides exist.

Where people are dollar signs, or worse the lack thereof. . .

I say seeing these types of areas will change minds and open them.

I hope this is true.

Humanity. Where? When?

Religion spreading, taking it to the people in their places they live. Yet if they are in our country they are forgotten. If they came to our country it would be worse. Left alone, ignored. No savior for them.

Privileged to come here on a massive boat and pop in and then come back and say, at least we’re not as bad off as they are.

I am privileged as I write this on my iPhone X, in my cabin with air conditioning and running water on a ship that costs millions to build and pollutes and destroys the ocean to bring tourists to these places. To see the "white" Jamaica. Behind a safe fence at a starbucks or margaritaville.

Where in this world does humanity fit?

Written 2.01.2020 from Falmouth, Jamaica


“White“ Jamaica.

"White" Jamaica.