Vegan: Victoria, British Columbia

Getting to Vancouver Island was a bit of a challenge. On the ferry over I got very seasick, you might not think I was excited to get food. But quite the opposite, I was excited to hit land and walk to get our first vegan meal in Victoria! We dropped our luggage off in our rental car and wandered over to...

Fern Cafe: this little spot was very cosy. It had a few seating options and one community table. The menu was small but everything looked so damn good! They are also a bakery and the baked offerings looked incredible, and smelled even better! We did get a blueberry oat muffin for our breakfast the next morning.

They were out of jackfruit so we ended up going with the...

Classic Poutine: Instead of jackfruit, which they were out of, we added their House-made Italian sausage. Not mad at having to overt from jackfruit to the sausage. The flavor was so nice and added a good kick to the poutine. If you have ever had poutine you know how incredible it is… anyway it comes.

The only difference I could notice was there was no squeak in the cashew curds. What a delicious dish!

For our other dish we went with the…

Big Mac Crafty Mac: this delicious creation was meant to mimic the big mac. So it had pickles, lettuce, onions (on the side), plant burger crumbles, and a house-made burger sauce. What a fun dish! The flavor in every bite was delicious!

The serving sizes were reasonable here as well. You won’t go away feeling as though you have been eating at a US restaurant. You might even have room for one of their delicious treats!

Definitely worth your checking out when you go to Victoria!

Our next spot ended up being our favorite and kind of ruling our trip eating and snacking game...

The Very Good Butchers: This is by far the best butcher I have been to. They use mostly beans in their patties and their dogs. The flavor and texture that they created is unreal.

We started off getting a package of their spicy bangers to use once we got to our cabin.

We went back to have a proper sit down lunch off of their menu on my 35th birthday and we chose very similar options to our Fern Cafe meal…

Jackfruit Poutine: This poutine was no joke the best poutine I have had… hands down. The bbq sauce on the pulled jackfruit was so good and smoky. Fries cooked to perfection and the curds were even better here!

Mac N’ Cheeze: This was an extra cheezy mac with bread crumbs and we added jackfruit to it. Everything you want in a mac n cheeze.

We also got these to go…

Bangers in a Blanket: One of their delicious british style bangers wrapped in their homemade dough and cooked to perfection!

Pizza Pocket: A square pocket of goodness, It is stuffed with their homemade marinara sauce and their homemade pepperoni. What an awesome treat.

Meatball Sub: What a tasty meatball sub! On homemade focaccia roll with their cheeze strips. Good to grab for a delicious on the go meal.

The portions here are way bigger but I would not recommend sharing, it is too good to only get one option!

We made a creation a couple times in our cabin that we like to call…

Naan Bitchin’ Bombay Bangers: We took a couple pieces of naan bread and added some Bitchin’ Bombay sauce and cooked up the spicy bangers.

Whoa what a creation. Highly recommend this! It was so damn tasty, bitchin’ even!

Port Renfrew, British Columbia:

Bridgemans West Coast Eatery: This spot as far as food goes has only one option for anyone vegan, but if you are driving and really hungry and want to sit somewhere with a bitchin’ view, this would be a good place to suggest.

It is at a small marina right on an inlet and a beach in Port Renfrew, a really stunning place to catch a sunset after a long day of nature. In a pinch in a part of the island that is gorgeous and totally worth going to see nature wise, it was a good option.

They have one option, which is their Falafel burger which you will have to ask for with the gluten free bun.

This was in the winter time that we went so it was slow, I imagine in the summer time it would be beeee boppin’.

Once you get away from Victoria there are options but I would just recommend loading up some meat from The Very Good Butchers and creating and enjoying off the grid!