Vegan Snacks

We have compiled a list, which will be ever expanding as we snack our way through life... or a quarantine...

Which we are incredibly good at I might add...

So check back on and off to see what else we have added!

The goods!

Louisville Vegan Jerky - Smoky Carolina BBQ - If you have not tried this Vegan jerky you are missing out. The flavor is just incredibly smoky. Nice texture as well. Really recommend this!

From The Ground Up - Cauliflower Tortilla strips - There is going to be a lot of cauliflower on this list. I have joined the cauliflower revolution. These are just as good as any tortilla chip I have had. They are so light and wonderfully flavored.

If you see them, get them! Maybe two bags… you won’t stop eating them

So Delicious - Strawberry Rhubarb Oat milk yogurt - When I found this in the store in my mind I was thinking what are the substitutes for yogurt… Duh, all the milk subs you have! So this was one of the first I tried and wow is it tasty.

Bard Valley Natural Delights- Coconut Medjool Coconut Date Balls - If you find these, which we found them at Sprouts, buy every damn one of the packages. From the first bite you will not want to put them down. The sweet coconut mixed with the date just makes for an unreal combination.

Your stomach might tell you otherwise as you keep eating them but these are one of the more delicious snacks I have had in a long time.

Vegan Rob’s - Turmeric, Brussel Sprout, Cauliflower Puffs - Man, Vegan Rob’s has got some magic happening. We have tried 3 of his puffs now and every one of them is amazing. I would say this is a one sitting kind of snack. So light and fluffy and packs a lot of flavor!

Bob’s Red Mill - Bob’s Better Bar - They have a whole array of flavors for theses. If you have had any of Bob’s products you know how good these will be! We tried the peanut butter, banana and oats, also the peanut butter, coconut and oats. Both were so tasty!

Bitchin’ Sauce - Bombay, Roasted Green Chile & Pepita - These dips are incredible… so much flavor. We tried the Bombay first, do yourself and your chips a favor and grab some. Especially if you are a fan of Indian spices.

We also used it with our Very Good Butcher spicy sausages on naan bread, which we called Naan Bitchin’ Bombay Bangers. If you can get all 3 together… this will blow your mind!

When we returned to Nashville we found Bitchin’ Sauce at Turnip Truck. This time we decided to try roasted green chile & pepita.

This has got some really nice spices to it. Fantastic with chips or spread on some toast. Honestly whatever end up using this for it will be amazing.

Shrooms - Spicy Jalapeno - Whoa, these little dried up mushrooms snacks are insane! The flavor on them is so incredible. Get these!

No Evil Food Sausages - Whoa! These Italian sausages are out of this world. The flavor and the spice is insane!

Team these with the very good butcher and you will never have to find another kind of “meat” again!

Banza Chickpea Pasta - What a nice alternative to wheat pasta. Definitely recommend checking this out. It does not stick like most gluten free pasta and has a really nice flavor to it.

The Very Good Butcher -

Smokin’ Bangers - These are the best sausages we have ever had. If this butcher shop was in Nashville I would never eat anything else.

I put them in here so I can spread the love of these to everyone… so that everyone can share in the joy of The Very Good Butcher.

They ship all over and it is not that expensive for a box of goodies!