Vegan: Seattle, Washington

On a day when we did not know if we should even be in a city we both loved, we went and we explored a new to us neighborhood, the northern Seattle neighborhood, Roosevelt, and found some amazing Vegan gems.

When we woke up and started our journey around a cautious Seattle, life was blooming. Flowers and trees coming out and showing new life. Our beautiful walk took us first to

Wayward Vegan Cafe - A menu so big and full of delicious options, options that we could eat all of! Sadly in one sitting that was limited to two. We chose to go with the

Tots In A Blanket Burrito - this awesome and massive burrito came with tater tots, a delicious tofu scramble, which had tofu and green peppers and egg substitutes and a vegan cheddar cheese, all on the inside, house made cashew hollandaise that was out of this world to top it all off! As I am writing this I am craving another one!

We were sad at every bite only because the burrito was disappearing as we ate.

As if it needed more there were a nice portion of breakfast potatoes too.

We also decided on...

Farmers Hash - this mess of goodness comes with a curry tofu scramble which was similar to the above just with some curry in it, which was incredible, chopped sausage, peppers, onions, and for good measure some breakfast potatoes, On top of all of that it has a homemade country gravy that was full of mushroom deliciousness, so damn good! Then finally topped with melted cheddar cheese.

Whoa! Flavor packed goodness in every bite.

Later in the afternoon we wandered in to a spot whose name says it all...

Vegan Haven - All vegan grocery store with volunteers and all proceeds donated to

Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

We wandered around this shop for almost a good half an hour. So many incredible options to choose from and again what a gem to find a store where we could eat everything.

One of the coolest parts of the shop was that it was all run by volunteers and all profits went to a pig sanctuary!

When in Seattle this is a must for all of your snacks and grocery items!

For dinner we met up with our good Friend Mykey and her boyfriend Ryan. We decided to have a pizza night! Seattle had just what we were looking for!

Pi Vegan Pizza - As touring crew Lindsey and I have had our fair share of pizza from around the world. This was by far the best pizza we have had. We all for some reason got large pizza's, probably because we were worried everything might shut down. So all together we ordered...

A Margarita pi with cashew mozzarella

Mac & Cheese - white garlic sauce and Canadian bacon - little kid Nik was losing his mind with this one, first time I had tried a vegan Canadian bacon and it was quite delicious!

Garlic Sauce Favorite - A white creamy garlic sauce with mushrooms, olives, spinach and Italian "sausage", holy hell what a good combination of toppings! So much flavor.

Make Your Own Veggie with Cashew Ricotta, artichoke hearts, olives, mushrooms and a vegan pesto! Phew... what a great option to make your own pi. So many good toppings and sauce options.

All of this we found in just one day wandering around one small street in Seattle. We cannot wait to return and find more and more vegan Seattle options!

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Pigs Peace Sanctuary:

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