Vegan: Nassau, Bahamas

Eat Right Delight: This small but cosy restaurant in Nassau, Bahamas is a hidden gem for sure. It is our only spot in Nassau. It is so good we would never want to go anywhere else!

When you enter you come into the very small dining and take out area and the menu is on the wall. They always have specials running though so make sure to ask what the special of the day is!

It has a small bench for you to sit on while you await your delicious food. Then on the wall by the window there are two stools set up with a small shelf / table to eat on.

Once you decide what you are going to order you peak your head in through a small hole in the glass that looks into the kitchen.

Everything is made as you order by Shanique so it takes a little while but it is well worth the wait. As we were hanging out and waiting for our food we met two really great locals who turned out to be friends of ours to this day.

So many good conversations happen around food. These were a couple of the best.

While you are reading check out Clifford "Big Bruh" Riley. He is a wonderful man we met both times at Eat Right. He is a beacon of love and hope in this world.

The chef / owner Shanique is incredibly nice as well. She is always smiling as she cooks for you. I cannot wait to return to this place! Every person who walked in the door was greeted with a smile. Most of the locals that came in seemed to know her and how delicious her food is.

If you are arriving in Nassau on a cruise ship, it is walkable, around a 35 minute walk. If you walk to market street and take a left and keep walking you will find it! A beautiful way to see a different part of the city.

I would recommend getting if you have not for a free map while you are in town! Stay on the main road, Market street, on your way. Once you get there. Enjoy!

We went twice and we had…

Tempura Cauliflower - this was such a light and delicious cauliflower covered with her homemade spicy sauce.

For our second dish we asked Shanique to make us something she wanted us to try. I am pretty sure it was a variation of the...

Thai noodles - these noodles she brought out to us had such incredible flavor. Covered in beautiful veggies and another one of her sauce creations.

We also got to sample a sliver of her pizza and it was really incredible! Thinking about it right now makes me hungry!

On our second time back, on the Keeping the Blues Alive At Sea cruise, we ordered…

Spaghetti with “Meat” Sauce - This was the best spaghetti we have ever tried. The sauce was incredible. We did not ask for the secret ingredient that made it so tasty but we are pretty sure it had some cinnamon in it. Everything she makes is light, we did not leave feeling too full. We felt quite good even after scarfing down the whole dish.

Spicy Mushroom Sliders (Another special) - These little sliders packed so much flavor. From every bite our noses ran and we got more and more sad every bite knowing this amazing food journey would end. The spice mixed with her mushroom patties is one hell of a mixture. Just hope she has these when you walk in!

This is such a special spot. Feeding the folks of Nassau incredibly good food that is healthy! We cannot wait to return so we can try some more delicious food! People of Nassau are incredibly nice and love to chat. Stay awhile and make some new friends!

Find beauty... It surrounds us.

Big menu you cannot miss as you walk in the door.

Make your order here!

Tempura Cauliflower with Fries.

Thai Noodle Special.

Pizza Sample Sliver.

Clifford "Big Bruh" Riley... This wonderful man gives tours of his beautiful Island and Country. Message him if you are heading there and link up. I promise this will inspire you and make you smile and fill you with joy.

Spicy Mushroom Sliders!

Meatless Spaghetti!

Pure Joy at Eat Right Delights! What a good vibe!

Hope IS A Weapon... A Weapon Of Beauty.

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