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Updated: Mar 21, 2020

When you think of South Beach and Miami and all of the food, you might not think of it as being a vegan haven. We spent a weekend in Miami and found it to be a vegan paradise.

We went to the hip, graffiti covered neighborhood of Wynwood to find a couple spots.

We started off at... Charley’s Vegan Taco’s CVT: This hip taco shop, with a beautiful mural inside, offers quite a big menu of vegan treats. The vibe was cosy as soon as we walked in the door.

It was originally started in Tulum, Mexico. We will have to make our way down to the original and report back as to which one is better!

We started off with the Mushroom Ceviche - Oyster mushrooms, sunflower seeds, avocado, garlic aioli, and cilantro sprouts.

We spent the summer of 2019 trying ceviche all around the states, and this version was the best we tried, hands down. It was the most flavorful and creative out of any.

We then moved on to our entree portion of the meal, sharing a burrito and an order of tacos.

We went with...

El Diablo burrito. We had been craving burritos recently so this one hit the spot. It came with Abuelita’s rice, black beans, chorizo, chicharron prensado, fried plantain, jalapeños, shredded lettuce, onion, maldita sauce, garlic aioli, creamy green salsa. The plantains were a game changer, as they always are, adding a beautiful sweetness to compliment the spice of the Jalapeños.

Such good flavor throughout every bite.

For our tacos, we chose the Carne Sin Carne option, which came with 3 tacos.

Chicharron Prensado - porkless cracklings stewed in red morita pepper sauce, served with fresh mango chutney, garlic aioli, and onion cilantro.

Chicharron Verde - porkless cracklings stewed in green tomatillo salsa, topped with vegan creme, onion, and cilantro.

Jackfruit pulled “Pork” - jackfruit in ancho pepper adobo with shredded lettuce, cured red onion, vegan creme, and creamy green salsa.

These tacos were beyond incredible. I think my favorite was the Jackfruit pulled “pork”, such an incredible flavor profile.

Overall, our experience was amazing. The vibe inside was fantastic and the staff was really wonderful. We met the head chef Bryan. He introduced himself and gave some insight into the dishes, then went back to making delicious foods. After a few minutes, he came back out to check on us and our meals to make sure we were enjoying ourselves and our food. Very cool! Highly recommend this spot.

Our next food adventure took us to...

L’artisan Bakery : This place is beyond incredible. With pastries and sandwich options, there is something for everyone and every hunger level. We ended up going here two mornings in a row, with a third pop in on our way back to our hotel after the beach. It is that good.

Our personal favorite was the Guava & Cream Cheese danish. A must at the bakery, the sweet and savory flavor is impossible to resist, with cream cheese made of tofu. We definitely could not get enough and are still craving it all this time later.

Our first visit to the bakery we shared...

VTE ''Vegan Travel Eats'' Croissant, a beautiful breakfast sandwich with hash brown, sausage patty, Just Egg patty, shiitake bacon & aji amarillo aioli. What an amazing treat. Everything you want from a sandwich to start off your day all in one.

On our second visit we decided to get a couple sandwiches along with our guava and cream cheese danish. We went with…

Wild Mushrooms Croissant: this came with sautéed wild mushrooms, fresh thyme, black truffles foam, vegan parmesan cheese, and mushrooms crumble.

This is such a beautifully savory sandwich and we highly recommend it. We were sad to see the last bite go.

Croque Monsieur Croissant: this came with a vegan deli ham and was so delectable and delicious. If you have ever had this kind of sandwich you will be blown away by how good this one is.

Overall L’artisan Bakery is one of the best options we have found for vegan food and pastries. It is a smaller, yet cosy, shop so it can be hard to find a table. But as we did on our first visit, it is well worth taking it to go to eat while enjoying North Miami Beach, just a short walk away.

As if these two were not enough we kept eating our way through Miami. We made our way down to South Beach and went to check out...

Time Out Market : This hip food hall has 21 different options of restaurants so anyone and everyone can find a treat. It is quite big and has community tables, so grab a seat and make a friend. It was a Saturday night when we were here so it was a bit loud but still we enjoyed the vibe. Great for people watching in South Beach for sure.

Our pick was…

Love Life Cafe Kiosk: a smaller satellite menu that has amazing options.

Funny enough, I did not even realize until sitting here typing this article that we also went to their Wynwood location on our way out of town.

Love Life Cafe Wynwood: The menu here is the biggest menu at a vegan restaurant that I have seen. They have breakfast, soups and salads, sandwiches, arepas, pizzas and bowls. Every dish we tried between the two spots was really incredible. We have tried the whole arepa menu and wow are they good.

Love Life Arepa comes with a black bean sofrito, avocado, and a cilantro aioli. It is stuffed to the brim and then some. It gets a little messy but it is so damn good. Well worth the mess.

La Arepa Pelua has shredded jackfruit, cheddar “cheese” and plantains. Wow, just wow, what an incredible creation. A must at Love Life Cafe.

We also ordered…

Curry Kind Burger: the curry aioli was what made this a special burger, with its nice kick of curry and spice to add to the creamy avocado. What a treat that comes with some really tasty sweet potato fries.

El Chamo Bowl: which had a whole mess of ingredients including rice, black beans, shredded jackfruit, plantains, avocado, guasacaca sauce, and as if it needed more, a cilantro aioli. What a beautiful mesh of flavors.

If somehow you have not filled up on the delicious food items, they have a wonderful selection of smoothies to finish off your meal. We tried 3 different smoothies.

Almond Butter Bliss: almond “milk”, coconut water, banana, almond butter, dates, pink himalayan salt make this smoothie one of the best I have ever had.

Tropical Flow: almond “milk”, mixed berries, mango, pineapple & dates. So bright and colorful and full of fruity flavors. So good.

Green Life: coconut water, banana, kale, spinach, cucumber, cold pressed ginger, lemon juice & Bee Free Honee.

The vibe is fantastic in Wynwood Love Life, and it is dog friendly, which is always a plus!

Do yourself a favor if you find yourself in either South Beach or Wynwood, hell in Miami, make your way to this amazing cafe. You will not regret it.

One last taco spot rounds out our vegan journey through Miami for now.

222 Taco: This gem in North Bay Village is really wonderful. With skulls with backwards caps on the doors and Miami dull neon cacti welcoming you, we instantly felt a good vibe.

We were then greeted by our waiter; Sunny. We felt an energy connection immediately and knew we were in for a good experience, great food and even better conversation.

Chips and homemade guacamole to start were really fantastic. Along with the kick ass salsa bar ,it was a really nice start to the meal.

We then got our tacos and burrito…

Cauliflower Al Pastor - served with a pineapple pico de gallo on a blue corn tortilla. Whoa, talk about an amazing flavor profile, simple and sweet.

Vegan Chorizo Con Rajas - TVP chorizo and grilled onions, peppers, and corn led the charge on this nicely spiced and flavorful taco.

Portobello Asada - Another simple yet delicious taco. Caramelized onions and salsa verde made this taco incredibly tasty.

California burrito: for protein we added grilled portobello, which I highly recommend. Also add the vegan cheddar, it is fantastic.

After our meal concluded Sunny brought us one Mexican hot chocolate and one Strawberry slushy. Save room because they are fantastic.

Taco 222 is for sure worth the drive up to North Bay Village. We left surprised and very happy to have come across such a wonderful spot for lunch.

This was a great start to our Miami eating adventures… until we return again and wander and eat all the plant based offerings of Miami… my second home.


Mushroom Ceviche

Carne Sin Carne

El Diablo Burrito

VTE Croissant

Guava & "Cheese" Danish

L'Artisan Bakery

Love Life Cafe: Time Out Market

Love Life Cafe Wynwood

Love Life Cafe Shakes

Taco 222: Tacos, Burrito, and Salsas

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