Vegan... Boise, Idaho

What do you do when your van breaks down? And you have to build a new transmission, then end up with an unexpected staycation in Boise, Idaho for a month?

Eat all of the damn good vegan food there is to eat and then spread it around for anyone traveling through!

Our vegan journey through Boise began before our staycation, we were coming through to hang out with our friends Grant and Jamie, little did they know in a few weeks we were going to move in.

We told them we wanted to check out a vegan lunch spot. They are not vegans, yet they were willing to give it a try. To see what they thought about it.

We rode down to High Note cafe, I will spoil it for you all right away, we have eaten here now 4 times, and placed our orders.

The four of us ordered the

Breakfast Burrito / Breakfast Sandwich / Breakfast Torta / Horseradish Melt

Luckily Lindsey and I share half and half so I got to try the torta as well. Jamie and Grant first investigate the look of their orders and are tripped out that it looks like eggs, tofu scramble, and they go in for first bites…

annnnddd they really really like it. Very shocked at how good it tastes and how they would never have known it was vegan, all their words. It is nice to be able to show willing friends that eating vegan can be incredibly flavorful and that you won't miss anything without having poor animals in your meal.

The horseradish melt is still one of the best sandwiches I have had. I might still dream of it...

Since that first encounter we have tried a lot more of the menu

Gyro / Pesto / Cream of Mushroom Soup / Tomato Soup to name a few. It is really hard to order from a menu where everything is so good.

Habanero Quesadilla..

Rosemary Seitan...

They have delicious rotating deserts as well... like this incredible Rhubarb Pie...

During these times they are cash only and you can call ahead to order and pick up from the front door. You can also go to the door and order then wander around, or get a coffee next door and look around the quirky shop at Flying M coffee. Awesome employees too, fun people to chat with!

A very unexpected vegan find in Boise was BBQ and holy shit, really good BBQ. We found a spot called BBQ4LIFE, who started off as a food truck and have now expanded.

What an awesome restaurant.

We had a toug