#Vanlife Pt. 1

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Trapped in the states… we set out on an adventure to find the beauty in a country losing its beauty...

We jumped in our new to us 99 Eurovan and set off on the #vanlife dream.

Vowing to take only highways, no interstates, to see the small towns, the vast country that we live in. Meet some characters, and see some friends as well!

- Gene! We met Gene is Casselton, North Dakota. What a sweet man. He showed us his home and his art that he has made over the years. He told us countless beautiful stories!

- Biking the Hiawatha Trail in Northern Idaho / Montana with Erica and Brian!

- Cousin hangs in Portland

- Hangin' with Sydney in Minneapolis!

- Nate and MC in Portland!

- Nate in Issaquah!

- I think I left part of my heart in Minneapolis!