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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

As we continue our series today called Beautifully Human...


We focus on the beauty of humans and the power in their stories…


Through telling their stories we hope to connect this world. To spread some love and humanity...


To show a common thread of beautiful humans…


This week we go to Dearborn, Michigan with Hayley Osada to hear her incredible story...


Hayley is a cousin of mine. I knew her when she was very young. Over the years I have kept in touch with her and we have a lot in common. I always enjoy seeing the shows she is going to and the life she is living and enjoying. 


Let’s all be beautifully human… 


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Hayley Osada / Dearborn, Michigan

Tell me a story that shaped your life…

- Bernie Sanders running for president in 2016 has really had an impact on my life. He is the reason I got interested in politics, and is the reason why I’m currently a Political Science major in school.

He was the first politician that I felt really represented working class Americans and it was the first time I had heard a politician fighting for so many of the things that I believed in. It felt like the brink of a political revolution and it made me feel so hopeful and excited for the future of America.

A place where there was universal healthcare, a livable minimum wage, no student debt, where immigrants were welcomed, and where everyone was truly equal and had equal opportunities.

The current state of America is so upsetting, and it’s sad to see that so many Americans aren’t ready for the future that Bernie Sanders has promised and has been fighting so long for.

Tell me something that has enriched your life…

- Music is something that has really enriched my life in so many ways. I have met so many of my friends through listening to the same music and I have traveled to so many new places for festivals or shows. I am pretty much playing music whether I’m just hanging out at home, driving, or walking around outside with headphones on. I really can’t imagine my life without music in it! I love playing guitar and have recently started trying to write my own music because I have had so much downtime due to the pandemic.

A big dream of mine is to start a band with my friends!

What would you want the world to know about you… 

- I would want the world to know that I am always here to listen to anybody who needs someone to be there for them. I never want anybody to feel like they're ever alone.

What did / do you miss most during covid 19…

- I miss being able to see my friends regularly, going to shows, and traveling. Covid-19 has made me realize how fun my life usually is and how much I love my life. I would always look forward to my next trip or the next show I was going to in order to get through the less exciting things in my life like work and school. I feel like I took for granted how lucky I was to be able to go to shows with my friends a few times a week. I can’t wait for the first show back, I bet my friends and I will all be crying happy tears.

- A picture I took of my friends while we were at a concert.

If you were given a plane ticket to anywhere, where would you go…

If I was given a plane ticket to go anywhere, I would get on the next flight to London! I had so much fun while I was there, and my best friend and I had plans to go back and spend the month of August there. When everything shut down back in March, we had no idea how long this was going to last and were still counting on still being able to go in August. I had no idea that it would last this long. I have always wanted to go to Japan but I think about how much I miss being in England every day. I can’t wait until it’s safe enough to go back!

Traveling is my life, and has also saved my life. It shows the beauty of other cultures. tell me a story of your favorite travel moment… 

- One of my favorite travel memories happened while I was in Camden. It was the first night my friends and I were exploring London after being at Reading Festival for the previous 3 days. After going to a couple of pubs we decided to head back to our Airbnb so we hopped on a bus. While we were riding the bus we started chatting with a couple of people on there and ended up missing our bus stop because we weren’t paying attention. The people we were talking to got off the bus with us and helped us find our way back to Golders Green which is where we were staying. We were so grateful to have had their help and we ended up exchanging contact information so we could hang out with them while we were there.

A couple photos from my last trip to London.

- One of my favorite places to hang out there was called Spiritual Bar which one of the people we met that night bartended at. It’s a little hole in the wall bar that has live music and open mic nights, somewhere we would have never found if it wasn’t for meeting them on the bus that night. It’s so cool how sometimes you can just be in the right place and the right time and randomly meet new friends without planning it!

That’s a photo my friend took of our new friends we met on the bus that night!

- Another favorite travel moment happened while I was in the San Francisco Bay Area with my friends last fall. My friends and I flew there to see our favorite band play their annual Halloween themed festival in their hometown Oakland, CA. It was so exciting to explore the area that inspired so many of my favorite songs, and to do it with my friends who also loved the band as much as I did. The day of the festival was so fun because we got to meet friends that we had made through the band on social media. It felt like a big family reunion or something it was really special.

My friend Kelleigh and I at Crissy Field!

A picture I took of my friends on that trip to California!

A super touristy picture from that same trip!

What is your biggest fear… 

- My biggest fear is getting older and feeling like I didn’t live life the way I wanted to.  

What is your biggest regret…

- My biggest regret is not picking up a guitar sooner! I didn’t start playing until I was 19.

What was your first tattoo...

- When I was younger I always pictured myself as an adult with a lot of tattoos, I’m 22 and so far I only have a small tattoo on my ankle that says “loved”. I was with a few of my friends that wanted to get tattoos because it was Friday the 13th and they were all getting tattoos inspired by the Harry Styles album that had come out that same day. I didn’t have any plans of getting a tattoo but there was a tattoo that I had been thinking about getting for a long time but for some reason I kept getting afraid of committing to actually getting it.

My friends and the tattoo artist ended up talking me into getting it and I’m happy they did because I love it so much and definitely want to get more tattoos in the future!

If you had the ear of everyone in the world, what would you say to them... 

- If I had the ear of everyone in the world, I would want to encourage people to be kind to each other and to just spread as much love as possible. I think people underestimate the power of love and kindness.

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