2020 started off with two celebrations… literally. Being in a cabin on the border of Finland and Norway in the Arctic Circle. Directly across a small river. Each country celebrating the start of a new year one hour apart.

We spent the first 20 days of 2020 be bopping around Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. What a beautiful start to the year. So many different cultures and experiences.

We flew from Poland to Nashville and then a week later flew to Miami and boarded a cruise ship to kick off work for the year working a few festivals at sea.

8 days between Poland and The Bahamas… that was quite a stark difference. But so beautifully the same, a culture of humans that were happy and living with the means that they had. Enjoying life.

We started hearing rumblings of a virus but nothing was too serious at the time.

After our cruises to 5 other countries and back we flew home. Another week at home and we were off for a birthday retreat on Vancouver Island by way of Colorado and Seattle.

We get to our tiny house cabin and we are off grid, such an incredible trip. Because we were off grid we got spotty news of what we now know as Covid. We would get service and check to see the news and then go back to our cabin and enjoy some bitchin’ bangers.

I went to get tattooed on my birthday March 13th a Friday the 13th that will live as a day most people got really bummed out. Lockdowns started happening all over.

We came back via ferry to Seattle and were told by the border agent that we should probably go home as all borders and states were shutting down. So we hopped on a flight and took a red eye to Nashville.

We put on our masks and we locked down and stayed home. Me being high risk with my liver I have to be very cautious. It also makes me very cautious for others who may not show that they are at risk. Meaning you never know what is going on inside someone no matter how healthy they look. So respect them.

I personally lost out on two tours this year, The Rolling Stones and Deftones, and a season of cruises with Sixthman. It was the first year in an industry that is so needed that we all lost work. It got decimated and still is.

After 3 months we decided it was time to go on an adventure. To distance ourselves from the world and buy a van and go see the vast beauty of this country. To distance ourselves from humans and stay in nature under the stars.

What I learned was to enjoy the slow pace of life again. Yes, time always moves quickly, it never slows down. My pace slowed down. I enjoyed the little parts of life. I read 15 books, which was a personal record. We saw 7 national parks, 23 states and 10 countries. I worked out under the stars nightly.

I learned to pivot into new avenues of life. I started 2 podcasts and a blog sharing stories of beautiful humans.

This year was a shit show for a lot of people. So many have lost their lives. So many have shown their asses and their selfishness.

All in all I will look back on 2020 with a smile. A year that challenged the world. There were bright spots though.

I celebrated a second year of sobriety.

I learned to cook and quite enjoy it.

We voted out a pitiful excuse for a human, and showed that this country wants to move away from hatred and ignorance.

A year that showed so much innovation and creativity by so many, simply to keep life moving forward.

A year that gave us what most us had not had in a very long time... the gift of time.

Love it or hate it 2020 showed you a lot about yourself.

I hope you can look back and be proud of who you are after one of the toughest years.

I hope it showed you how fragile this life is.

That there is no time for hatred. That you need to live your life to the absolute fullest before it is gone. Live your life to the fullest. Love each other.

Snails see the benefit... the beauty in every inch...

Peace Signs Up

Here are a few joyful parts of my 2020...

Top songs of 2020

The Format... Snails

Rise Against... Far From Perfect... We are far from perfect but we are perfect as we are... we are bruised, we are broken but we are god damn works of art...

Watch The Duck... There You Are

Easy Life... Nightmares

Mac Miller... Blue World

Fever 333... Bite Back

Playlists I made in 2020 if you are looking to discover some new tunes…


Let’s Groove...

Top Snacks of 2020

Bitchin’ Sauce… completely vegan and so delicious!

Vegan Rob’s… any of his puff’s are incredible!

Sesame Sticks…

Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels.. A new obsession

Top Book’s of 2020

Burned Alive - A story of a survivor of “honor killings” writes her personal journey through life.

Brain On Fire... My Month Of Madness… A truly fascinating look at the mind.

Junky… True story of William Burroughs

The Book Of Joy… A conversation with Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu

Check out my podcasts if you haven’t!

The Beautifully Human Podcast… speaking to humans around the world breaking down stigmas that surround us.

Have A Chat With Jason & Nik… my great friend Jason and I speaking with beautiful humans that make the music industry run.

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