Trying to Find a Little Calm: Ep.1-Driftwood and Rock.

During our travels this summer, I was constantly breathing in moments of calm. Taking deep breaths to help ease the anxiety in my chest.

For this first edition of “Trying to Find a Little Calm”, a beautiful piece of driftwood; a wishing rock to place atop it.

The coast calms us. Has an effect on our emotions. On our bodies. The flow of water. We are water.

While camping along the coast on Whidbey Island, we were calmed by the sea. The rocks. The driftwood.

Each day since then, we have allowed it to further calm us.

The rock, we were told by two lovely local women, is a wishing rock. A white line winding its way around the whole rock. Hold it or throw over your left shoulder. Make a wish. A really good,soul filling one.

Now at home, we have that same piece of driftwood lying in the corner of our dining room table, with that same white lined rock precariously balanced on top of one end. Each time I glance at this treasure combination, I am calmly transported back to the coast of Washington, where the days found us walking along the rock lined beach and the nights found us cuddled up in our van.

With this, I encourage you to find your own treasures of calm. I will post and document my journey along the way each month, where I have found little moments of calm. Little reminders to pause and return to breath. I do this for my mental health. I do this to constantly fuel and heal my soul.

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