Travel Tidbits: Items and Apps to aid in adventure

This list will be ever expanding and growing, as we travel and explore!

Oh travel. How I deeply enjoy thee! How you make my heart race with your adventures, unexpected joys, and unplanned curve balls. You keep me guessing and walking and eating and talking. In places unknown until that moment my feet hit the pavement, eager to feel the flow of a place. The energy that moves it. To meet the people that give it rhythm. Make it move. To place my hands on the ground. The earth. Resting into being held, in that moment. That place in time. Holding on, letting it slip, flowing to the next. To all the people and places I have not met yet, we're heading your way, with this ever growing barrel of knowledge that has worked for us. And with which I want to share with you, in hopes it aids in your journey of finding your joy throughout this wild and magical land..

Thinx: for $10 off you order!

Underwear for people who have periods! I first heard about Thinx through a friend, when they first launched in 2013.

During my cycle, especially the first day, I feel bloated. I want to wear loose clothing. Cuddle up with a bag filled with rice, heated. Drink tea. Use cbd oil.

Along with this, tampons were becoming less and less appealing. Especially as I was thinking about my impact on the earth. How much I was using and producing and trashing. Could I do better, with at least one aspect of my output?

Thinx are reusable, cycle proof underwear. And reusable for a long time! I still have my first pair, from 2013. Yes, I do keep items much longer than most people do (Tevas from 8th grade, cheers to you), but they still hold blood so I’m using them.

Washing Thinx is simple and basic. Soak them in water in the sink. Rinse them lightly with soap. Hang them to dry in the shower. Re-use. Once my cycle is complete, I place all used pairs in a garment wash bag, wash on cold, hang to dry. Washing at home or in an Airbnb or hotel. For travel, I carry them in a small zipper bag, marketed for pencils. During the day of wear, I will simply wipe the inside of Thinx to remove any discharge that does not soak into the underwear. Simple. Easy. More green.

Thinx and travel. Travel for work. Travel for pleasure. I have found it calmer for my body to put on a pair of Thinx in the morning, adventure or work all day, and change when needed. No need to dispose of anything.

I deeply enjoy being a woman. A woman who holds power and life force within her body. I want to feel. I want to connect with what makes me a woman. I feel this connection with my body, even more so, when I bleed freely. Rather than plugging up and hiding this force away, to be disposed of, as if in shame. I am woman. I will bleed.

The mission of Thinx is to make access to menstrual products more accessible to all. To talk openly about menstruation! To spread equality. To bleed freely.

Thinx has created three focus areas for products:

Thinx: for menstruating women.

Thinx (btwn): for teens and young woman.

Speax: for woman who need support for bladder leaks.

In 2019, I was honored to be brought onboard as a Thinx Leader, to help spread the word of menstrual equality. Access for all.

Via you can save $10 off your order. To start, you can order a cycle set, with various flow holding capabilities, to fit your flow.

My preferred pairs:

Hi-Waist: Holds two tampons worth of blood. I like these since I wear hi-waisted pants. They offer me coverage, along with coverage in the mid-section. I feel sleek and sexy in these, something I often do not feel during my cycle. I look forward to trying the Super Hi-Waist pairs that hold up to 4 tampons.

Super Hip-hugger: Holds up to 4 tampons worth! I find these are the perfect pairs for the first day of bleeding.

Super Cotton Brief: Holds up to 4 tampons. These feel most like my regular, non-cycle underwear. Lower cut. I use these when wearing leggings or doing yoga.

Please let me know if you have any questions, thoughts, concerns, irritations, are needing of encouragement, a place to be calm, or a place to yell about life.

I hope if you try Thinx, that they fit your cycle as well as they have fit mine! Please reach out with any questions/concerns/irritations/joys!

RadPak: Promo code for 15% off: BathkeL15

Over December and January, Nik and I spent 36 days in Europe. Within this pack, I fit everything I wanted to bring along with me. Clothes. Treasures. Toiletries. Books. Water bottles. Shoes. Thinx. Back roller ball. Gloves. Scarf.

I felt light and able to bounce between buses and ferries. Cars and flights.

What I like most about this pack is that it opens like a suitcase. Nothing gets lost or smashed at the bottom. And everything is zipped into place.


Waterproof zippers and nylon wicking fabric prevent water from entering the pack

Waterproof rain fly stored in a zipper compartment at the base of the bag

Three interior zipper compartments