"The Best Places to Eat in East Nashville are Women-Owned" published by the @ShesWanderful blog!

I wrote an article!

And ShesWanderful.com published it on their blog!

Read it here: https://blog.sheswanderful.com/the-best-places-to-eat-in-east-nashville-are-women-owned/

Come take a walk with me through East Nashville, where I discuss five women in the neighborhood who have made this place more delicious and lovely. With this article, my goal was to highlight women who I have seen make a beautiful impact on this community.

Since walking tours with WalkEatNashville are on hold right now, where I am honored to be a guide, I wanted to take readers on a different kind of walk. With this, I have noted the effects on these businesses due to the devastating tornado and the pandemic.

Come walk with me…“The Best Places to Eat in East Nashville are Women-Owned”

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