Self Care During My Menstrual Cycle...and All the Time!

Self-Care: A slowing down to take care of the inside. A nurturing of self. Paying attention to what really feels good, to you, in your body. A reframing to pay attention to what’s going on inside and doing what feels good for you! A noticing of doing something for you, rather than for the approval of others or society. What does self-care look like for you?

I’ll abandon everyone else’s expectations of me before I’ll abandon myself” -@glennondoyle

Lets share and discuss…

When my menstrual cycle begins, I take it slow. My steps become more intentional, feeling the way they hit the earth, first heel then toes. Each movement becomes a dance as I try to ease my way through each cramp, as if a twisting will release it from the cage of my body. I breathe. Pause. My hands find their way to my abdomen to offer soothing spiral motions. Gathering and harnessing my womanhood.

Self-care…let’s do this! What follows is my ever growing list of how I try to take care of myself. It ebbs and flows, much like life and all of its various cycles.

-Grace: Treating myself and my body with GRACE. Always having grace with my body to pay attention to how she feels and honoring that!

-Thinx. When the cramps start, it’s my @sheThinx time! Because they feel like underwear I wear them when I am not yet menstruating. I put them on to avoid an “oh shit” moment. I am covered. I am free to bleed. Estimates guess that each menstruating women uses roughly 11,000 disposable menstrual products in her life. My impact on this earth matters to me more and more each rotation I make around the sun, so I rinse, wash, and repeat. It simply works for me; I am a simple woman! If you are Thinx curious, I would love to discuss. For $10 off any @sheThinx purchase, shop via

-Rice bag: Heating up a bag filled with rice, to place above my uterus, feels luxurious. I purchased one years ago at a craft fair, but they can be made at home. The placement of heat helps to ease cramping. A heating pad will work as well :)

- Music: Music that fits my mood. Music that allows my chest to calm. Or my body to move gently. This cycle, I have found the ambient grooves of @Tim_Mislock and the moody feels of Harry Styles to fit my body. Lyrics or not, I cherish what makes my body move and what comes from that space.

-Movement: A slow flowing yoga class from @yogawithEllenKaye Hip rotations as I stand tall, arms over my head, reaching for the moon. Slow neck rotations to match my breath. Forward folds to help release anxiety. Pelvic rolls when I sit to write. Dance. Always dance. Letting my body stretch across the room into whatever form it takes. Whatever flows out.

-Plant Medicine: CBD oil to help ease the cramps. I believe in the healing power of plants. An asking of mother nature for her help in easing what ails us. This month’s CBD Oil of choice: @YuyoBotanics AM Formula 300mg.

-Tea: During my cycle, my body wants to be warm. Held. Wrapped as if in a cocoon of love. To help serve this desire, I choose tea. Most preferably, tea from @HighGardenTea. Acknowledging and respecting plants and herbs for their deep healing powers. During a recent chat with High Garden Teas beautiful energy, Leah Larabell, I was reminded of one simple knowing: “to treat them (plants) like living beings, because they are!” (High Garden Tea will soon be offering their loving tea creations via an online store!)

-Smells: Candles. Essential oil. Or my preferred smell at the moment: palo santo. A few years ago, when visiting my cousin when she was living in China, we lit incense and waved it around our bodies. Up and down each arm and leg. Cleansing ourselves. Pressing pause to refresh. I carried this practice home with me.

-Reading. Oh the joy of reading. Most days, I exclaim to Nik, “ I just want to read!” I love reading people’s stories. What has made them smile. Brought them joy. Or deep sadness. What connects us and reminds us that we are all human. Two days ago, I ordered “There I Am” by @ruthielindsey from @thebookshopnashville. I am on page 70. I have laughed out loud, re-read sections to Nik, and sat with sadness.

-Feel. I feel. I feel deeply. And during my cycle, I make space for this feeling. Hold it. Acknowledge it. Love it. And try to move with it without it holding me down if it gets too sad or dark. It is a practice! Being open and honest with how I am feeling, what I don’t feel like doing, and making space to “not do”, without guilt.

Be with yourself and feel into what self love means to you! Know you are loved. Have grace with your body. Have grace with your mind. Breathe. Find and allow for deep conversation with others. We are human. We feel love and sadness and confusion. Find a truth, all your own!

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