My Cycle

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

My cycle aligns with the Full Moon.

Shining bright upon my body, flush with what makes me female.

I feel her ebbs and flows in my uterus

As the Earth feels her in her roots.

Her grand gestures playing out in my emotions, noted by the calendar that graces my wall, accentuating all of her curves.

Tears falling as rain and just as sudden. Unexplainable? A release. Always felt.

A confusion that finds my brain spinning. A searching for words that were there. Fleeting.

Once there, like the beauty of native land.


My body tires today as Earth tires of bearing weight.

“Be gentle” I yell out, to self, to all and the in-between.

I slow today. Cheers myself, with cbd hot tea, pants with no waist line, snacks piled high and squirreled away.

Be gentle, dear body. Be gentle, dear moon.

Be gentle, whispered the Earth.

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