Live Life...

If you knew you were dying. Would you waste your time with this hatred you put out to the world.

Would you use this time to play god and steal others humans' rights?

Would you live a life that was safe and not take chances.

We are all closing in on death every day. We get one step closer to it.

Live a life that has a purpose.

Spread love and acceptance.

Not ignorance and hatred.

Why waste your time hating other people.

Let them be them.

Let them live their life that has no effect on yours.

Live your life.

I imagine people walking up to the gates (if that truly happens) and being told

I gave you this one life, and you used it to spread hatred, in my name?

You did not care for this earth that I created for you.

You made fun of “tree hugging hippies” trying to protect my creation.

Why if I gave you this one life, the only life you truly know you have, and you played it safe.

You did not challenge yourself.

You did not make a difference.

Why would you waste this gift?

If you’ve known this one truth, absolute truth, your whole life.

You know where you go when you die.

Why be an asshole to people who are different. I imagine I would want everyone to know that truth and join me.

Not spread hatred in the name of god and push people away from your truth.

Then wonder why religion gets a bad rap.

If you have found the one true answer to life’s riddle.

You should be hugging everyone.

You should be accepting everyone.

You should be loving everyone.

You should be wanting everyone to join you.

Not pushing them farther away with your hatred and unacceptance.


The rest is man made bullshit.

You have the power to change the message.

You have the power to be the human that stands for humans.

You have the power to help other humans who have been abandoned by those same beliefs you hold.

Stop abandoning humans.

Stop hating humans and blaming god. That is on you.

Stop telling humans they are below you.

That you are better than them.

That your life matters more than their life.

That your rights matter more than their right.

That their lives don’t matter.

That their rights don’t matter.


That is all we have in this life. Be better. Make this place better.

Spend your life empowering others.

Building them up.

Enjoying your time you have on this earth. We never know when that time will be done. Don’t waste it belittling others.

Meet people of other cultures.

Learn from them.

See this beautiful world.

Travel. Love. Inspire.

Peace signs