Harassment By Jyoti Dhawal

She was carefree and wild in her own amused fairy world. Oh! poor child, You should have known it before what has killed you inside. Walking dead and numb isn't what you were before, maybe that was why you were warned not to be blissed so much more. She was so fragile and strong; Could go to the darkest hell long, coming back with the shiniest smile singing song along. But one thing haunted more than any scariest ghost: she could never sleep alone as she always felt the monster standing beside her with a frown. She wondered, "why is it that anybody I know and trust is filled with a cruel lust, no matter whoever he is, all ruins me down to a filth dust?" She trembled listening to stories about innocent ones being raped as for those rascals, girls were supposed to be smoked out of their vape. Now that she stares at walls being numb cursing herself, wondering what sins she might have done; she was harassed brutally, no less than being raped totally. It would be so easier if that monster killed her; For "dying of body is far better than dying of a soul."

-Jyoti Dhawal

"I belong to Bhairahawa, Rupandehi, Lumbini zone (birthplace of Lord Buddha), Nepal."

Currently studying and living in Riga Latvia.

We met Jyoti at Singh's Indian in Riga, Latvia, she helped bring us a beautiful meal. We had a lovely chat with her throughout our dinner.

She told us how she was in the process of learning Latvian, and working at the restaurant since she spoke English, also, in most of the jobs in Latvia you were required to speak Latvian.

She spoke of the beauty of Nepal and how we had to go, even gave us a cheat sheet of the best places to check out including her hometown the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

She was so kind and we struck up a friendship.

We are so happy to start this new series of guest poetry from our friends around the world.

Thank you Jyoti for your Heart-breaking. Powerful. Moving. And Emotional. Words.

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