Five Tinctures to Aid in Health and Immunity

Our little cast of tincture characters!

Each morning as my kettle boils water in the first step of making my coffee, I open the tincture and spice cabinet, located to the left of the stove. Inside this cabinet is an array of magic. Spices to sweeten, enhance, flavor, and enliven our meals! Tinctures and vitamins to aid in our health and wellness, spotlighting immunity. All of the tinctures listed here are plant-based. We find too many pills made from gelatin, so tinctures are the answer for us. Quicker absorption and no animals.

I’m not going to pretend that I understand how or why these tinctures work for us, rather my aim is to simply share how they have worked for us. I want to offer options and alternatives to what you may find behind the counter at a typical pharmacy. We choose tinctures for their general increased level of absorption.

Wellness Herbal Resistance Liquid

Each morning, I take a half dropper full of Wellness Herbal Resistance Liquid under my tongue.

I hold it there for a few counts, then swallow. It tastes like the earth. A lovely mixture of dirt and Chinese herbs that have proven beneficial for years. My first introduction to this was years ago, with Yin Chiao, purchased from a Chinese pharmacy while traveling. I heard about it’s benefits for immunity, offering a boost to the immune system at the first sign of nose sniffles or throat tickles. This became my wellness go-to. I would get nervous when I was running low, searching online for where a pharmacy could align with a day off. I was adamant, a cold was not going to take me down while traveling.

The pill form of Yin Chiao tastes like magical, spicy dirt. In liquid form, blended with echinacea and coptis, the recognizable flavor mellows. These are the three main ingredients while other subsidiary ingredients add to the immune boosting line-up, including elderflower and ginger root.

The formula we purchase notes “Alcohol-Free” in the upper left corner of the label. Several, if not most, tinctures us an alcohol base for their extractions. However, if alcohol is something you need to keep out of your life, in whatever small amount it may be, this is a lovely option. With this formula, the liquid does not offer a stinging sensation when under the tongue, which is often felt when using an alcohol base.

We take this tincture each morning, part of our routine, for immune maintenance.

Liver Fortitude

To help rebuild and care for his liver, Nik takes a liver tincture each morning. I picture it as a little hug for his liver.

This one is alcohol-free as well. Milk Thistle is good for repairing and caring for the liver, so Nik tends to look for a product which contains it. As you would with a multivitamin, changing this tincture each time you run out allows for your body to absorb the different ingredients without becoming too used to or “immune” to any one ingredient.

Super Immune Mushroom Complex

Each time we purchase a mushroom tincture, we find a new one to try. This one was our most recent try and it has been lovely! Mushrooms are magical, in every way. Have you seen Fantastic Fungi?

Most often, the mushrooms I am looking to include are Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, or Turkey Tail. They each offer various, beautiful body benefits including aiding in immunity. Some offer power to your brain! What follows is a short synopsis of these named mushrooms.

Chaga: I appreciate it for its cancer fighting abilities! Chaga can also help with blood sugar levels as well as cholesterol.

Reishi: Helps reduce stress and improve sleep. Can aid the body in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

Lion’s Mane: Lion's Mane is good for the brain and good for the body! May help fight against dementia, ease depression or anxiety, as well as reducing the risk of heart disease and managing diabetes symptoms. Let me comb that beautiful white mane dear lion!

Turkey Tail: What a wildly beautiful mushroom this is! Maintains immunity, can aid in fighting certain cancers, as well as helping to repair and maintain gut health! Immunity to all!

Next up, we’re going to try a Lion’s Mane tincture we got from Henosis in White’s Creek, TN!

B-12 Spray (Mykind Organics)

B-12 can come in several forms. We like to take the spray version allowing it to directly enter our blood stream via our mouth’s mucous membrane. Although scientific proof is not solid for B12’s aid in energy, I added it to my morning routine years ago when I was feeling a bit sluggish and have been taking it for maintenance ever since.

Soverign Silver: Colloidal Silver

Dear Colloidal Silver, thank you for helping to calm my allergies while living in the South.

When I first moved to Nashville, I was told that in three years time, I would have allergies. It’s not that I did not believe it, but rather having grown up in Colorado, I had never experienced allergies in a substantial way before. Like clockwork, around my third year, my nose started cracking without repair and my eyes began to water heavily each day. I was offered an over-the-counter drug as the only solution, yet a solution I would have to maintain for the duration of living in Nashville. I decided to investigate, hearing of the healing qualities of colloidal silver, along with its immune supporting properties. Yes, I read the warnings about an overdose which turned a man’s eyes blue in his quest for maximum immunity by administering several pumps of the nasal spray a day over an elongated period of time. However, I am not that man. I decided it was worth the risk to take one spray a day, in each nostril. Within a few weeks, my nose crack was gone, my eyes were less watery, and I felt good. Since then, I have had family members wean themselves off over-the-counter drug remedies to replace it with colloidal silver. For me, it has made such a difference for allergy maintenance and wellness!

With this comprehensive list of our WanderlustMoonduo morning tinctures, I hope it offers you an option of somewhere else to look for personal health and maintenance. You may try them and as with anything else, they may not work for you. This is simply our list of what works for us and I hope it can provide a little love and care for your beautiful body as well!

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