Five nights in a cabin in the world had begun to fall apart

Cosy in the front row of the Clipper, Victoria to Seattle. Rebooked from our original date, of leaving tomorrow. The ladies at The Very Good Butcher, Victoria, mentioned to Nik that they heard the border would be closing soon. They wished him luck as he stepped out with our vegan meatball sub and pizza pocket.

Plans to stay in Seattle one night, take the train to Portland along the coast, explore Portland, meet up with family...scrapped.

On hold for 31:16 with Delta now. They will not allow you to modify your flight on the app or the website, even though the kind man on the recording insists that I can.

Dock in Seattle and head straight to the airport. There are red eye flights listed so hopefully we can get on one of those. I donʼt think Iʼm getting through to anyone soon.

Two weekends of Airbnb bookings cancelled for my house. Two weekends of money I could have used to pay the mortgage, unsure of what work will look like coming up.

I want this recorded man to stop telling me I can change my flight on the app. I want to kindly scream at him that I wish I could, instead of listening to the painfully smooth elevator tunes of Delta waiting. Wondering about international charges?

Minute 45 on hold passed. I kept on. Marcie answered. Changed our flights. Nik paid cash originally. New flight; even exchange. Mine required more miles. Not much love for the loyal Delta flyer. Punished for being a loyal flyer with a credit card. Original flight: 13k. New flight: 36,500k.

Seattle. There she is. Mountains gleaming at sunset. Looks so peaceful from here! If only we could keep it that way.

Written March 16th at 21:07

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