Life these days is a crazy concept. Not only are we in a worldwide pandemic but all around we are in a pandemic of ignorance and that does not seem to be going away, sadly.

Watching people blatantly not care about other humans and their well being. Hatred for no reason.

There is so much to focus on that can bum you and I out.

I have chosen to find enrichment in the beautiful humans of the world. Humans that choose to be open and vulnerable.

We are all craving connection. Be open and find humans that you can get to that depth with. It is a beautiful and freeing feeling.

When you find that commonality and openness the shit going on in the world seems less daunting.

You can find this with people who are perfect strangers. You can find this with long term friends. You can find this with someone on the other side of beliefs and views than you.

I heard a really good quote recently that said...

Every (hu)man is guilty of the good he did not do.

Be the person who is not guilty of that. Be the human that does the good in the world. We need much more good in this world than the bad. Now more than ever. We are all going to pass life on to younger generations. Let's leave them a world that is more beautiful and kind and loving.

Enriching others lives is a beautiful thing. It can done far more easily than spreading hatred around. Life is short and it does not slow down.

Don't waste your time bringing more hatred into this world. Let's leave this world a kinder more beautiful place than what we found it.

Peace Signs up!

If you want to find connection in listening to others stories... check out The Beautifully Human Podcast... I have been enriched every episode hearing from so many beautiful humans!

Click the podcast tab on this website or head to anchor.fm/beautifullyhuman to find it on the platform you prefer!

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