Birth of an unseen day...

I was asked on Saturday how I felt about turning 36. My honest answer is that I could have easily lost my life at 33. So looking at it that way, I am very excited to see 36, hell, any day.

Every new day brings new thoughts, new challenges, new ways to look at life.

Any day I could lose my life so any day I do not lose my life is a massive gift.

Waking up and walking out of bed on my own, with a body that thankfully is there to get me to and from, up and down and all around. That is a gift. One that so many do not have.

If we think of every minor detail of our lives as a beautiful gift, a beautiful gift that we get to use. That we get to have, it can change our perspective in a beautiful way.

Use the gifts you have. Use the voice you have. One day you will not actively have a voice anymore.

Use the one you have now… right now… to make sure it is heard when you do not have it anymore.

Use it so when you do not have it no one can ever stop it.

If you were told today you might not have tomorrow. That you might not make it through the night.

What would your voice in the future say…

What gifts that you had did you use for the betterment of this world and the beautiful people in it.

Would you be proud of the life you lived…

The message you sent out…

Would you look at your life and think you did everything you could… that you truly lived life…

That you took chances and lived life your way…

This is a mirror we all should look in daily.

A quote I read recently said Imagining yourself in the future is a radical act of hope… and it is quite true. We never know.

Act today. Be the person you want to see in the world today. Tomorrow has never been seen but the ripple you make today can spread into that unseen day and wake it up bright and beautiful.

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