Beautifully Human / Patricija Venckutepj

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

As we continue our series today called Beautifully Human...


We focus on the beauty of humans and the power in their stories…


Through telling their stories we hope to connect this world. To spread some love and humanity...


To show a common thread of beautiful humans…


This week we go to Kaunus, Lithuania with Patricija Venckutepj to hear her incredible story...


We met Patricija in Kaunas earlier this year. She was barefoot working at a beautiful restaurant. We had a quick connection and her story really spoke to us and her kindness was evident in our time eating and talking...


Let’s all be beautifully human… 


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Patricija Venckutepj / Kaunus, Lithuania

What brings you the most joy / smile the most... 

- I am the happiest and I smile the most every time I remember to consciously breathe, be in the present moment, and feel that I am an inseparable part of the UNIVERSE – always loving us and guiding us to the best places in the world that we need to experience.

Traveling is my life, and has also saved my life. It shows the beauty of other cultures. tell me a story of your favorite travel moment… 

- My favorite travel moment happened in India in 2019.

Before leaving to India, I was experiencing very dark days… I felt lost in life, I struggled to find motivation to live, I was utterly depressed and unable to find a way out of that sickening loop. Long story short, I soon received a message from spiritual realms, that I need to embark on a journey to India. So, 2 months after that message, I was already on a plane, flying to New Delhi. The entire trip was one of the best transformational experiences in my life. However, it would take me to write a book to tell you all about it, thus I will only share the final and the most grandiose part of it.

After spending about a month in India, ascending from New Delhi to the Northern parts, I finally reached the Himalayan mountains. I will never ever forget in my entire life one specific moment in the mountains that absolutely struck me. I was standing on top of one of the mountains, with my mouth unable to close, my lungs unable to breathe, and my eyes unable to blink. The energy plus the view that I was looking at was so HUMONGOUS! I immediately felt how all of those experiences during the dark days got uplifted from my shoulders and taken far far away. It was as if a blinding veil was ripped away from my eyesight. NOW I was able to SEE the beauty of life and get inspired by it. Moreover, previous “problems” didn’t seem like problems anymore; actually all of them shrunk to such a small size that I was not able to see them, standing there on top of that enormous mountain.

Then, maybe 2 days later, I began to experience new insights about my role in this world. I gained new waters of motivation. I became super excited to LIVE! What a huge transformation right?

Just as you mentioned about yourself, travel to India saved my life as well. I am grateful with all of my heart for that experience and I wish I could gift it to others as well.

Since, I can’t take every single human being to India with me, at least I will share a photograph from that experience.

If you had the ear of everyone in the world, what would you say to them... 

- If I had the ear of everyone in the world, I would tell them: our Universe is like Spotify, where you can discover literally any kind of genre of music or a style to express oneself. All of those different ways of expressivity are integral parts of the Universe, which, in other ways, wouldn’t be complete. Thus, I firstly encourage you to connect with your own unique inner “genre of music”. And then secondly, please share it on our “Spotify of the Universe”, so as many of us as possible could feel enriched and completed by your gorgeous expressivity.

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