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We focus on the beauty of humans and the power in their stories…


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This week we go to Ashland, Ohio with Michelle Frank to hear her incredible story...


I have known Michelle a very long time. I knew her throughout high school, but when we lifeguarded together after my senior year of high school that is when we became super close.

A memory that always makes me laugh from that summer was sweeping the deep end of the pool with her mom watching, she was our amazing and wonderful boss, and I got it in my head that I would pull my shorts down with my ass out and dive down to the bottom. I would yell before I did this "Look a seashell"! I wanted everyone to look as my ass flew out of the water.

Recently speaking with Michelle she informed me this was now a tradition at her personal pool with her children! I could not stop laughing when she told me!

Michelle and I ran into each other at a grocery store almost two years ago now, crazy, when I was not looking very well.

We decided we needed to catch up so she invited me over for dinner. Michelle, Lance, and I had a really awesome time catching up.

I told them about my struggles with drinking and what I was working through with my health.

The love and strength they gave me was incredible. No judgement.

I remember getting messages throughout the time since we hung out as I have gotten healthier of encouragement and celebration for my progress. Michelle is the kind of person you want in your corner in life.

Michelle is such a kind and beautiful human. What an incredible friend. I cherish our friendship from then and the fact that we have reconnected.

I consider myself incredible lucky to have such a wonderful friend like Michelle.


Let’s all be beautifully human…


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Michelle Frank / Ashland, Ohio

Tell me a story that shaped your life…

- My now husband and I met on the high jump pit in 7th grade track. We were both tall and gangly with these long legs (and apparently very sub-par runners, despite our coaches’ efforts), so we were both introduced to high jump. I don’t remember our exact meeting or even much of our first years as friends, but our friendship continued to grow stronger and by the last couple years of high school, he was one of my best friends. He’s the guy that everyone loves-- the loveable class clown who can somehow always get out of trouble with his grin and goofy charm. We went to each other’s games, over to each other’s houses, and even went on our college visits together. He ended up committing to play basketball at Wittenberg and I eventually ended up deciding on Wittenberg as well (he loves to tell people that I followed him there-- I didn’t. But it surely didn’t hurt having him there). In May of our freshman year, Lance asked me to go grab dinner with him one night the following week. We had eaten plenty of meals together before, so I didn’t think anything of it. Well the day we had planned on ended up being W Day-- a surprise day that the university cancels classes and they have a concert and food trucks and all the things in the Hollow.

I was dating a fellow basketball player of Lance’s at the time and ended up hanging with him and a mix of our friends all afternoon/evening, totally oblivious to the fact that I had made dinner plans with Lance. We ended up running into Lance and some of our other friends late in the evening and Lance would barely look at me, let alone speak to me. It was so odd and I was so confused as to why I couldn’t get him to talk to me. He had been drinking for a good chunk of the day, so I chalked it up to that and kind of forgot about it. We never spoke of it again and I never remembered that we were supposed to have had dinner. I know that sounds harsh, but truly it seemed so casual when he asked that zero flags were raised in my head, and I didn’t have a reason to be super aware of it.

Fast forward a few months and we have been home for the summer, hanging out with each other as usual, and me still dating the fellow basketball player. A group of our high school friends decided to all go camping over one of the last weekends before we all left for school again, and Lance and I ended up alone toward the end of the second night. This is when it all came out-- that he had asked me to dinner back in May to tell me about how much he cared about me and always has and that he wanted to be more than friends. I was floored, but also thrilled. I think for a long time both of us had felt that way about one another, but neither ever said anything because our friendship was so great how it was and neither of us wanted to jeopardize it. The next day he drove me home and I had to rush to work so I ran up to my room and changed, but asked him to not tell my mom while I was upstairs because I wanted to.