Beautifully Human / Jessica Anderson

As we continue our series today, Beautifully Human...


We focus on the beauty of humans and the power in their stories…


Through telling their stories we hope to connect this world. To spread strength, love, and humanity...


To show a common thread of beautiful humans…


This week we go to Los Angeles, California with Jessica Anderson to hear her incredible story...


I met Jessica on a gig in Miami and I remember constantly laughing the whole day. Jessica is one of the funnier people I know.

Even her instagram name makes me laugh every time I see it. Her name before she was married was Jessica Gross, now Anderson, so her instagram is jessicawasgross... brilliant!

The few times we have worked together have been so much fun, even the one on the Weeknd tour where I was suuuuper late... thanks for getting everything started!

I truly value our friendship after all of these years. I hope that everyone has someone so funny and kind in their lives...


Let’s all be beautifully human…


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Beautifully Human / Jessica Anderson

Tell me a story that shaped your life…

I remember three things from the day my mother decided to leave us. The first is standing in the doorway of our babysitter’s house, watching her hurry off to work. I called out to her “Can I have some pennies for the gum-ball machine?” “No!” she replied. The next memory I have is my sister and I watching Cinderella on TV late in the afternoon. The sitter was only half-watching us, nervously pacing around with the phone in her hand. Finally,

I remember my sister and I taking a bath, which is something we never did at the babysitter’s house. I remember feeling how strange it was. We were usually home by bath-time. Sitting in the tub, I could hear my father’s voice. He was not happy. He gathered us up and we went home, a place my mother never set foot in again.

I still resent not getting those pennies.

What did / do you miss most during covid 19…

The simple smile from a stranger on the street. Small talk while in line for coffee. High fiving my friends. Afternoon barbecues. Planning a trip to see our parents so they can see their granddaughter. The feeling that the outside world isn’t just waiting for me to make one simple mistake that makes me (and possibly everyone else around me) sick. Financial stability.

What brings you the most joy / smile the most... 

- My daughter and seeing the world through her eyes.

If you were given a plane ticket to anywhere, where would you go…

- To go see my parents and in-laws, so let’s assume it’s a private jet.

What brought you to where you are at in life today…

- Currently: 2017 Honda Accord.

Leading up to current: Volkswagen Jetta, Honda CRV, Bicycle, NYC Metro, Toyota Yaris, Toyota Matrix, GMC Colorado Truck, Ford EXP

Traveling is my life, and has also saved my life. It shows the beauty of other cultures. tell me a story of your favorite travel moment… 

- Walking up to my Airbnb in Paris at night, I passed a number of beautiful women working the streets. I’ll admit that when I’m booking my trips, I don’t over-research the neighborhood I stay in. I just look for something in my budget and close enough to all the places I’ll visit. When I arrived, I climbed up three flights of stairs with all of my luggage and knocked at the door. I was met by a gentleman, his wife, and their two children. The parents spoke no English, but the children helped translate. Not one of them looked like the picture of the host from the website.

Apparently, the photo was of an aunt who was helping them set their profile up. The family was from Turkey. They set me up in their daughter’s room. Hot pink everything. I was staying in a two-bedroom apartment with a family of four, and they were all staying in the parents’ room. One evening, after a day of exploring and sightseeing, I came back to my temporary home with four new roommates and was immediately given a shot of Goldschläger. The mother was in the kitchen making something to eat. She was covered in flour and pinching tiny little pouches of pasta shut. I offered to help, and she motioned me to sit down with her.

She showed me how to pinch the little pockets of dough, then guided me through making the rest of the dish, which was traditional Turkish Manti. We set the table and served up dinner for five. During our meal, the daughter explained how her mother said I reminded her of her sister. I completely felt at home for the rest of the trip.

If you had the ear of everyone in the world, what would you say to them... 

- Let’s remember to breathe.

Take a breath in.


Take a breath out.





Just kidding. Breathe normal.

And appreciate that gift of breath.

Connect with Jessica...

Instagram... jessicawasgross

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