Beautifully Human / Jason Ramer

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

As we continue our series today, Beautifully Human...


We focus on the beauty of humans and the power in their stories…


Through telling their stories we hope to connect this world. To spread love and humanity...


To show a common thread of beautiful humans…


This week we go to Las Vegas, Nevada with Jason Ramer to hear his incredible story...


I have known Jason for almost half of my lifetime. We got to finally work together a few years back when we both were out with Ghost. We became super close on these tours and over the years. He is like a brother to me.

There are people in your life who tell you that they will be there for you when you smash into a wall. Then there are people like Jason who truly show up in incredible ways when you do. Jason was one of the first people I called when I got out of the hospital and the support he has given ever since is unbelievable. He puts in the time and does the actions that he says he will.

Anyone who knows him is better off for having this incredible human in their lives.


Let’s all be beautifully human…


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Jason Ramer / Las Vegas, Nevada

Tell me a story that shaped your life…

When I was 15 I went to see Alabama (music group) with my dad and after the show I met Roy Orbison who was passing through on his way to a show in Orlando. I had time to sit with him and talk about things, life and music. To a 15yr old it seemed like a lifetime. I asked if he would sign something for me but I didn’t have anything for him to sign and he said I will wait for a few minutes but they had to leave for his show, I remember his TM telling my dad and I. But as we finished chatting and right as I was about to find a piece of paper he said something that changed my life to this and every day. he said “A minute to you is a Lifetime to me.” I said I didn’t understand that and he looked at my dad (who understood what that meant) and told him to explain it to me one day. If you think about what he said for a moment just apply that to when we all tour or walk in life. I never did get his autograph and I think about that when I hear his songs but I got something much more lasting.

If you give someone a minute of your day they will give you a lifetime of loyalty, respect, attention, kindness For bands fans will follow them and speak highly of them for the minute they gave to a fan for a lifetime in return.

A minute to you is a Lifetime to me.

Think about it.

Tell me a story that almost ruined your life…

When I was 36 I was on tour with an act and we had a break so I decided to return to see my parents in Florida for a week. The night before we had a party and there was an ample amount of cocaine for everyone to enjoy and booze. Well a day later on Dec 16th I suffered a “minor” heart attack due to the drugs finally taking its toll. The bad thing was that I was at my parents house and waited till they left for work before getting to the hospital as I didn’t want to worry them. I was afraid I was going to die and they’d find me. Stupid I know. But then again so is doing an 8 ball over a 4 hr span by yourself with booze and thinking you're invincible. 16 yrs of hard drugs seemed to take it toll that day.

Well after some time spent in the hospital and to this day dealing with the damage to my heart which I have to watch every day I knew it almost ruined my life as it almost killed me this time. That was a great wake up call for stopping coke haha. the 3rd time was the last time I kept saying. A glass of red every now and then is much easier I feel.

Now I can laugh at the fact that I was truly thinking It couldn’t happen to me but when it did I was lucky to realize I was given another chance to enjoy the new day.

Tell me a story that enriched your life…

Honestly. Knowing my friend Nik for almost 2 decades now and realizing that those of us who know Nik Sheasby and how he WAS the party of every party and the life force that we all knew and wanted around us to make us know life was and is a party worth living.

Seeing and living through his struggle recently and success has humbled me and his life is something I admire and have the ultimate respect. Every day I see a picture of him or hear from him he’s smiling. This is a boy who has become a man. One who has the blessings from those he loves most and those who don't judge. Just are proud to be a part of his life.

Tell me a story that enriched another life…

Few people I know in this industry know that I used to be a life coach to my friends and the ones that needed a shoulder to lean on and a voice that won’t judge them. One of my good friends in Philly was having a problem with her family as she was torn about telling them she was a Lesbian and was in love with her (now wife). We spent hours just talking and me listening to the fears she had about being cast out as gay in a somewhat religious driven family.

I spoke to her about not living life without freeing your emotions, secrets and passion for the ones you love. The biggest person you will let down is the one looking back in the mirror. I kept telling her that her family will embrace her and if not then you have people who will love you as you are.

I also joked with her by saying “Just exactly how long have you thought that your parents have known your gay and are just waiting for you to come out as they already know and are letting you do it in your time?”

To this day her wife is amazing and her family loves them both and they are all happy and not judgmental at all.

Tell me a story of crazy life…

Well I was on a tour back in the day with the Spice Girls and we had a few days off in Las Vegas.

We scored a 5oz ball of cocaine from a dealer named Chocolate. What ensued was a 3 day binge at the Hard Rock Hotel/Bally’s that was fun due to the fact we had constant supply from room service of alcohol being delivered and every time someone would come to the suite they would hang out and do lines with us. But having 8 people going crazy and ripping the mirror off of the bathroom wall, you know, that big one behind the sink. We managed to not cut ourselves but did more damage to the suite and security was not thrilled after we left. I remember nailing lamps and books to the ceiling and gluing whatever would hold to the walls. It was a few thousand dollars of damage if I remember.

We lined the mirror with enough coke that I would be spelling peoples name in coke and they had to do it in a certain time or we kicked them out. We lost 3 people for not being good enough users! I was known for making speed bump sized lines so it was pushing the limits of human consumption TBH I’m sure we all lost 5-10 yrs off of our lives in those 3 days. One of the crew spent 12 hours scrubbing the bathroom with a toothbrush as he was sure he could find extra flakes of coke off the tile floor and secretly wanted to be a cleaner. We never bothered him but when we finally got him to open the door after locking himself in with a bag of coke (long gone of course) and 3 toothbrushes we realized by his bloody nose we should at least give him some beer to rehydrate himself. We did such a thing and he locked himself in and kept his tweaking binge alive and well. And gave him more coke as if he was gonna die it might as well be having fun.

We liked those symbols that were by the elevators and in the hallways (you know what I’m saying if you’ve ever been there) So we took a few for ourselves also and as many purple towels as possible. And other things that aren’t important.

Our friend was at Bally’s and happened to somehow get the presidential suite there by convincing them he was the Prince of Spain. Ok he was from Spain but once in the 2 story suite we proceeded to get even more coke, girls, insane amounts of booze and after a day of trashing that suite and literally having bodies all over the place in the morning and coke all over the place I had yet to figure out how someone had gotten car parts from some car up to the room. It was the 23rd floor and I’ll never figure out how they got a bumper and steering wheel past the floor's security.

Oh well. Fun fun.

Tell me a story of hope…

Walking past someone and giving a smile for no reason makes people smile back and gives them a moment of hope that someone cares when most don’t. It takes nothing for a smile and even with the masks we wear today I still smile as one can tell when you're just being nice and giving something for nothing and wanting nothing in return. If you can give hope with a smile or random act of kindness and it doesn’t cost anything other than effort. Why not just make the person looking back in the mirror at the end of the day feel loved and hope for a better tomorrow.

What would you want the world to know about you…

I’ll be honest. I don’t know if people in the world really care. What would the world want to know about me? I feel the universe provides if you ask and the world will reach a deciding factor about you by your actions. I’m not interested in social acceptance of any form. I’d rather be able to see and share stories with my friends. Telling a story is honestly boring as it means you did something alone. I would much rather share a trip with someone and then tell the stories of the trip and laugh. Even if we are not together it’s about those moments made and that don’t have “Likes” or “Comments” as it's just life that is pure and finding souls that want to share in life is what I am searching for. The world will provide if asked right now. That’s what I want.

And I’m just awesome and one sexy Sasquatch HAHA.

What did / do you miss most during covid 19…

It’s not even the touring anymore. It’s about traveling and seeing my friends and family. I’ve only seen my best friend Billy once in 5 months and no other friends. I am thankful for technology so I can video chat but human contact would be a lovely thing as we are creatures that enjoy that and I do miss just sitting with friends and laughing in person and feeling that energy.

What brings you the most joy / smile the most...

In the world today. It’s really hard to feel joy and have an honest smile. I would have to say that it’s like living in a movie with what’s going on but at least the movie has an end. This seems to be going and going and making it hard to deal with so many things since we are in the music industry we always have human contact yet now 5 months in all I find happiness is when my phone goes off as that means someone is reaching out to say hi.

If you were given a plane ticket to anywhere, where would you go…


What brought you to where you are at in life today…

Failure. Always being told by people that I’ll never do shit with my life and you and your kind “metalheads” are a waste and being bullied in school made me laugh as I always would say after they would try to beat me up that “I may be laying in the gutter but I’m looking at the stars.” Fear from others made me decide and succeed in anything I do in my life. There are always useless fucktards trying to kick you down because they themselves hate their lives and are miserable and don’t have the courage to actually try and do something. They are weak and jealous of your life.

What’s the worst if you try something? You fail. But that’s a great thing because the next time you don’t fail. You become that which you are afraid of. Successful. There are a plethora of meanings of the word success but it only matters to you what success stands for and on what level.

What is your most prized possession…


Tell me a story of struggle…

Struggling with the demons we all have. I have chosen for many years to write down my darkest struggles as if I am exposing my weakness and fears. I find it very therapeutic to expose my soul for the world to read. If one can not find a way to fight the struggle then we pull the trigger and erase the pain.

In another life, what are you doing…

Working in Africa or Sri Lanka documenting the migration of certain species and finding a way to preserve them from extinction.

What is your greatest accomplishment…


What is your biggest fear…

Failing in my parents eyes.

What is your biggest regret…

Not having that piece of paper when I was 15.

What do you do for work… and why…

I’ve been in the music industry for 31 years now. The majority has been in merch. I’ve done a lot of other jobs on tour over the years but find it funny that no one cares what you do on tour until they know what YOU do on tour. So for all the asshole band members and crew members who think they are better than me and I’m not even considered a member of your precious little camp. Just remember I’m the reason your dumb ass is getting paid and greasing the wheels of your $500,000 rolling hotel. Finding a great merch guy who cares about what they do and who they represent makes them work harder to keep the circus going.

I love what I do and most of the bands I’ve been with. Yet when they are utter assholes to me then expect me to give them merch for free to the person they are fucking or they think they are cool then they see what a real asshole is all about when I shut them down and embarrass them in front of everyone.

I really only treat people how they treat me.

And I don’t care about your drum sticks or guitar picks. I’d be more impressed with a handshake or a Thank you. Or even a hug. Amazing what that does for people.

If you had the ear of everyone in the world, what would you say to them...

Listen without prejudice and realize we are killing the world we live on and believe you as a voice can make others have that power. One voice has a meaning. Many voices can make a movement.

All the voices can save what is so dear to us all.


Connect with Jason...

Instagram... logan666

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