Beautifully Human / Heidi Wobrock

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

As we continue our series today, Beautifully Human...


We focus on the beauty of humans and the power in their stories…


Through telling their stories we hope to connect this world. To spread strength, love, and humanity...


To show a common thread of beautiful humans…


This week we go to Ferndale, Michigan with Heidi Wobrock to hear her incredible story...


I met Heidi as I do many people... on a gig. I remember how kind and accommodating she was the first time we met.

We have kept in contact over the years and worked together a few times since. I am always excited to get to hang out and roll through her venue.

She is a really kind human and a wonderful friend.


Let’s all be beautifully human…


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Heidi Wodrock / Ferndale, Michigan

Tell me a story that shaped your life…

- As many of us do at the age of 17, I had to decide upon a college. This is actually such a wildly huge decision for someone of this age to make. I could barely decide what I wanted to wear to school that day or what color to keep my hair. I for once did not make the logical decision, and chose the school that spoke more to my heart than my head. Sometimes I think how wildly different my life would be if I had picked the conventional choice. I can't help but wonder what that reality might look like. I know I picked the happier choice. 

Tell me a story that almost ruined your life…

- My younger brother was driving home from work very early in the morning at the beginning of this year. The roads were slick, he lost control of his vehicle, and collided with a semi truck. He was injured and had to have surgery as a result, but most importantly he was alive. When I first heard the news, it didn't really register to me until much later that he could have easily died. I feel incredibly grateful that he is here today. He is one of my best friends and I truly could not imagine my life without him.

Tell me a story that enriched your life… - I would not have the job that I have today if a colleague hadn't taken a chance on me. I knew virtually nothing and he took me in under his wing and taught me the ropes. I will always be eternally grateful for him seeing something in me that even I couldn't see. Tell me a story that enriched another life… - This kind of goes with the above question... but because of the opportunity I was given, I try to make an effort to do the same for younger people that I know are passionate about the live music industry and need some help getting their foot in the door. I think so many people have abilities but aren't always given the chance to prove themselves. Tell me a story of crazy life…  - Every day that I work is really part of a crazy life. I meet so many people from so many different places and backgrounds, and everyone has their own story to tell. But at the end of the day, everyone is there for the same thing, and that is to put on a hell of a show. What would you want the world to know about you…  - I've been very introverted and shy my whole life, which I think comes off to a lot of people as me being aloof or stuck up. I've also been told on more than one occasion that I'm intimidating, which I think is funny because I'm a pretty tiny and unimposing person. I promise I'm actually super nice, you just have to get