Beautifully Human / Jonathan Allan

As we continue our series today, Beautifully Human...


We focus on the beauty of humans and the power in their stories…


Through telling their stories we hope to connect this world. To spread strength, love, and humanity...


To show a common thread of beautiful humans…


This week we go to New York, New York with Jon Allan to hear his incredible story...


I have known Jon since he was a very young man. Our mom's were super close friends so we were at their house a lot.

I always felt like he was a little brother to me.

I remember one time I was calling my mom at school and she asked if I wanted to talk to Jon and he got on the phone and it was a man on the line! His voice had gotten so deep!

He quickly became taller than me as well.

We have seen less of each other as we have gotten older but I still love him like a brother.

We had a chat not too long ago and it was as if we hadn't missed a beat. What an awesome dude. I am so happy to have him in my life, all these years later.


Let’s all be beautifully human…


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Tell me a story that shaped your life…

- There are many stories and people that have shaped and enriched my life, it’s hard to choose just one. My grandfather, a college science professor, taught me from a very young age that learning is fun and there is always something new to explore if you look for it. My college tennis coach taught me the benefit of pushing yourself to the limit and giving 100% in everything you do. My parents gave me a great home to grow up in and two incredible role models living out how important family and faith are.

I also think of how much of an impact Nik had me growing up (have to take advantage of this to brag on him a little). Nik was the age of my older sister, five years my senior, and by all rights one would have expected him to just be a friend of the family, but in many ways I came to think of him as the older brother I never had. He was always kind and looked out for me even though I often thought of myself as the oddball kid who I am sure pestered him at all the wrong times and wasn’t the coolest kid for him to include with his friends. I also remember countless times when he was there to run to as I grew up, both when I was in trouble and when I just needed a friend. Because of Nik’s friendship and being the older brother I never had, I’ve always tried to mimic his kindness, inclusive attitude and undeserved love and care towards others.

Tell me a story that almost ruined your life… / Tell me a story of hope… 

- It’s surprising the things that have a way of getting out of hand in life. For me it was work and the idea that being good at my job and “having it all together” was the most important thing for me. I’ve always set the highest expectations for myself, so I threw myself into my first job after law school working for a big law firm in NYC doing corporate transactions. Unfortunately, I found that there is a lot of truth to the reputation firms like this have for being sweat shops and taking more from you than you can ever hope to give if you aren’t careful. Subtly, work became the most important thing—the only thing—in my life, and my marriage, friendships, faith and health all began to quickly take a back seat and deteriorate. Next thing I knew, life was just a blur; sleepless nights, missed holidays and anniversaries, endless days and months of tireless work in the pursuit of this idea that my meaning and identity could come through success eventually emptied me to just a shell of a human being. The hollowness was only multiplied by me distancing myself from those who cared the most about me as I tried to keep up the impossible façade in my life that I was still holding everything together. Because I felt the need to keep up appearances, at one of my darkest points I couldn’t even bring myself to admit to anyone the fear I had of going out on our apartment balcony alone because of the thoughts that would run through my head as I looked down the 20+ stories to the ground below. Through it all, I tried to ease the weight of everything and fill that emptiness and loneliness with drinking, chasing adrenaline and giving into other addictions, and it took me far too long to realize that I was very quickly destroying everything that was good in my life.

Thankfully, hitting what feels like rock bottom spiritually, emotionally and relationally can sometimes fill you with hope. I have found that hope can take different forms for different people depending on what is important to them. A core part of my identity has always been my faith in Jesus Christ, so the hope at my lowest point was found in realizing that my faith was still real and that I didn’t have to hold everything together or have the perfect life and be super successful for me to find meaning in, and be loved by, him. Some may chalk these life experience up to random chance, but I found that my wife loving me through all the pain I caused her, my father pursuing and praying for me without me even realizing it and the countless times along the way when random events would point me back to my faith and family eventually filled me with hope and pushed me to acknowledge the ways I was harming the ones I cared for most and choose fighting for my marriage over fighting for my career. I by no means have it all figured out and I wish I could say that I still don’t let my pride and ego take priority over the more important things in life, but there is now a hope now that I am not a lost cause and that I don’t have to keep it all together to be loved by those around me.

What brings you the most joy / smile the most... 

- People bring me the most joy and make me smile the most. Friendships and laughter have always given rise to my fondest memories. I miss this most during Covid-19 and can’t wait for the day when we can all gather again without fear or calculated risks and just enjoy being in the presence of other people.

What is your most prized possession…

- I don’t often attach much value to material things, but currently my favorite item is my motorcycle. Never thought I would enjoy riding through the streets of NYC or out in the country as much as I do.

Traveling is my life, and has also saved my life. It shows the beauty of other cultures. tell me a story of your favorite travel moment… 

- When I was in high school, my dad and I spent a few weeks traveling through Israel. One of the days I was walking through part of the Old City in Jerusalem and passed a group of kids my age dancing in a circle to some music. I couldn’t understand a word they were saying, but before I knew it they pulled me in and I found myself laughing and singing with them. I’ll always remember how great it was to just be accepted as another kid and sharing the joy of singing and dancing regardless of cultural and language barriers.

In another life, what are you doing… 

- If I could have been good enough to pay the bills with it (and brave enough to try), I would have been a musician in another life. Music stirs the soul like nothing else I know and I think I would have loved devoting my life to helping bring that about in others.

What is your biggest fear… 

- FOMO for sure… Both in the little things like missing out on a memorable story/adventure with friends or bigger things like worrying that I am better at imagining how life should turn out than how it really will, a lot of fears fall into this category for me.

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