All Too Common

It is beautiful in countries like these, who have been ruled by fear, hatred, oppression, and torture that people still find a beauty in others from different countries.

While some people from the states who don’t know and have never met anyone from other countries or been to other countries, who just hear the bullshit on the news and have never had to fear, hate others so fondly.

If ever we have had to fear it has been brought on by a government “for” the people, and their horrible actions and “power”

How about using that “power” for peace and love, so that other nations and their people don’t have to live in fear.

What fun would that be to the “powerful” and money hungry.

Nothing to fear? Nothing to hate? Nothing good for the states business. The business of North America. The states are not the most powerful, just the loudest and biggest bully on the playground.

Power is for standing for all things good, a change for the better for all humans.

It would be beautiful if the states could get to great. Too bad our government does not want great.

Land of the free, tell that to a man who loves a man or a woman who loves a woman. Or a human who has struggled with identity and has come out to change gender or to a person who believes in a different religion or comes from another country or is another race…. The list is unending.

Even the bible says everyone is created equally, I wonder when that became an option to ignore.

Evil men chose to ignore that and started a cleansing of generations of innocent humans.

Actively waking up and choosing to hate and suppress these humans is not your freedom or your religious right. You cannot use your freedom to steal another human beings freedoms.

More “powerful” nations imposing their will on other countries and humans is the same as extermination of races, occupations, holocausts, rape, torture, wars, camps to keep families separated and so much more.

I imagine if you ask anyone in these countries, who lived through every kind of extremism, these are not things they would ever wish upon any other human, including the humans who brought these upon them and their families.

Greed brings “power”, “power” brings corruption, corruption brings evil, evil brings hatred, hatred kills humans, hateful humans kill humans.

Peace is bad for business, love is bad for the judge-mental, acceptance is for the weak....

Hatred is for the common.

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