Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Him and I. We stood on the edge of the frozen Deatnu river, him and I.

Edge, I presume. Frozen river, covered with snow that inclines steadily up a gentle fell, to the cabin. A cabin I knew nothing about, in a place I did not know I would be arriving at. A surprise unknown to me, curated by him.

Backyard fireworks spottily filled the darkest of arctic night skies, growing slightly more constant as the decade end drew nearer. "Would you please check your clock?", I asked,. almost with a knowing. 11:59pm. The faint countdown from a gathering up river began at 5. A rocket blast of backyard fireworks. A lone backyard shooting off flares, one by one. 2020 rang in Finland. An hour later, backyard fireworks colored the night sky across the river, as 2020 greeted Norway.

We stood on that river's edge until tears froze to cheeks, bathing in moments. And I was with him.




How I know I am loved,

by him

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